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   If there was one spring show this season that had no wrong in it, it was Celine 2010. Sure, it may not have been super-detailed like Alexander McQueen's show or DVF's almost streetwear wearable show BUT it was my favorite. It was Phoebe Philo's first collection for Celine. Before Ms.Philo came to Celine...I don't think any buyers had the MUST HAVE THAT NOW feeling that women are feeling with this current collection. It was so refreshing to see neutral colors in simple sqaured-off looks. No space age this or abstract that. As much as I love the feelings and emotions I get from those kinds of collections, something about a simple earthy collection was wonderful. As all of you know, Chanel is my absolute favorite but this season I can honestly say that I knew what the collection was going to look like....tweed suits, black and white chiffon, and some newer versions of the chain bag. I understand the whole "keep the legendary Chanel look thing" that Karl...(oops I should be calling him Mr.Lagerfeld)...has created. All women want to wear Chanel, or so I would think. Anyway, back to the Celine collection. My point is, it is so simple, so strong...
   The looks were bold and simple....have I used that word too much? Continuing on, my favorite look was one worn on model Freja Beha Erickson. It was a simple white cotton shirt with edgy cutout sleeves and a brown wide leg trouser with pieces of leather on the side. It sent the message that women don't have to dress like an alien (although, I sure would like to try it) but that they can still look modern with simple clothes made out of materials that are timeless. I believe that less is more in some cases...that is the case with a strong leather minidress that drifted down the runway. It said I have a piece of leather on, but I am the heart of Parisien-chic right here. Amongst the tough looks, there were some wonderfullyy crafted silky mini-dresses. A blue one really stood out to me. The fabric was draped in a very un-flowy way. No rouchy lines or twists. Just layered it a way that flattered the body. When I first saw the collection, I thought " can anything get more elegant than this?" Well, to tell you the truth it can't.
    The bottom line is...are you ready?...CELINE SS 2010 WAS THE BEST COLLECTION THIS SEASON. There, I think that was clear....have a great weekend.

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  1. their legs are thinner than my arms!!
    :) xoox..