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Vuitton Clogs
Chanel Clogs
    Could it be true, that those ugly nurses' shoes are a hit on the runway? Its true! Over the past couple of months, while I watch runway videos of all the Spring 2010 shoes and wish I was in the front seat, I've seen alot of clogs! When did they give inspiration? Are they fancy enough to wear to a cocktail party? These are all questions that I have been wondering and will try to answer in my search for the ultimate clogs.
    The first of the clogs that I saw on the runway were at Louis Vuitton. These clogs had tassles of leather, fur, and what looked like untreated lambs' wool. They were not the prettiest clogs, but sure better than the Dansko ones that grace the white-drenched runways of the hospital hall.
     The second of the clog comeback was at Chanel. As you may know, I am obbsessed with Chanel and love pretty much everything that Karl Lagerfeld has done at the glorious house. Since this season's collection from Chanel was inspired by Marie can read about the collection by clicking: ,
it was clog heaven. The verdict? Well, I don't even think Chanel could pull of the clogs this season...and that is a huge rate-down coming from me. They looked like those cheesy clogs that alot of women wear with wide-leg jeans when they are at the swimming pool watching their kids swim....that probably only made sense to me. Anyway, the other clogs that were in that show were adorned with flowers and looked like somthing a little girl would wear.
   I guess, that clogs will never be glamourous, but it would be going a little too far to say that only nurses and doctors should wear them. do not wear them to a cocktail party, although those Vuitton ones look great for a small boutique party on Bleeker Street. That concludes the Clog Investigation...bye for now, folks. Oh, and enjoy your Veterans Day.

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  1. used to wear these alot.
    you should have seen my real swedish pair i wore with my leather hot pants- those were the days...
    :) xoox..