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Fall Fashion...Ways to Work The Magic

Chloé fall 2009

Prada Gladiator Dress and heeled fishing boots

DVF Pom-Pom hats

          Fall fashion is always the best. The more layers you can put on…the more creative you can be. Now, I don’t mean packing on whatever is in site, mix and match for the best looks. DVF’s fall runway was filled with color, 80’s jackets, animal print leggings, and pom-pom hats. On the other hand, Prada’s fall runway was tough and consisted of rubber fishing boots, tough tweed shorts and gladiator leather dresses. So, how to match these styles? You could pair a large cardigan with a feminine jacket and some casual wide leg jeans. However you want to do it…take advantage of the freedom of fall fashion and the freedom of layers.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween…I was Coco Chanel. Would you like me to post some pictures?

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