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A Discovery in the Closet

     As I was cleaning out my closet (this is a long and dusty process), I came across a pair of Miu Miu heels that I had bought a few months back. As I looked at them I started to wonder...what season were these from? At first I guessed late 90's because of the boxy shape. I remembered that I had bought them at a little thrift store for only 4 bucks. I thought they were so 90's. "What the heck", I said. "Miu Miu for 4 bucks...might as well." Anyway, the other day I was on doing my usual designer/fashion house web surfing. I clicked on The Story and scrolled through the arhives of past ad campaigns. I then clicked on a picture of a model falling into a pool. It was for the 2000 SS ad campaign. As I analyzed the outfit from head-to-toe, I noticed the shoes. They were the same ones I had bought a few months back at the thrift store! "YES," I exclaimed, "I have Miu Miu shoes that were used in an ad campaign!"
    The point is, I was very excited and it made me look at the shoes in a new way. Also, I wanted to share my experience with you.
   Well, I should be going now, the closet is upstairs waiting for me to clean it...I just had to tell all of you about my discovery and give my dusty/sneezy nose a break. Have a good weekend!

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  1. I am sure you love these sandals after seeing them in an ad. How exciting!! As for the clog thing going on...just doesn't cut it...and like you said.."Do Not Wear to a Cocktail Party!!!!!!!!" Oh my goodness!!! Jill