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Au Revoir, Lacroix

        AS I am still trying to recover from the shock of Lacroix's fall down (I make it sound like it happened yesterday), it is time to discuss this matter. But, not in detail because I have two tests tomorrow, one of which I need to know presidents 1-20...but I can only manage 1-15. Anyway, Lacroix has said goodbye to couture, and  ready-to-wear. Now its just him, and 11 employees...standing around, twiddling their fingers, waiting for a rich woman to walk in the door and ask for a custom gown. His last collection, the fall 2009 Haute-Couture was amazing...a post on that will come later. Christian Lacroix, I don't what else to say, other than I love (d) your collections. Perhaps, you may be reborn again in the near future. And all I can say to the investor that was going to swoop in and save you: FILL OUT YOUR PAPERWORK BEFORE THE DEADLINE!! So, here is a picture of his last collection. Au Revoir, mon favori...or one of my favs, at least.
    Hmmm.... maybe good old Madame Farrell (my horrible "French" teacher) payed, those words are just the basics.

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