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It's Beggining To Look Alot Like Christmas...

To get in the Christmas mood, it was about 80 degrees outside today, with strong Santa Ana winds. We'll be lucky if we get a couple clouds in the to get in the spirit. Anyway, there I was...outside...with two skirts, and a long sleeve blouse. I believe this is the first post where you will see me. Yes, my fave will be revealed because I know it has been such a mystery! Could you sense the sarcasm in that last sentence? I have decided to post some pictures of some of my outfits. I would describe today's outfit as 1950s Italy mixed with boho chic? That question mark was fully intended. Here goes nothin'!

Top: found in a dumpster box full of vintage clothes

Skirt 1: Thrifted, used to give a blue tint to outer dress.

Skirt 2: Really a vintage underskirt. Thrifted.

Ahh, the spin!
Vintage Renauld Italia sunglasses, thrifted

Shoes: Purchased in NY while visiting family. The Versace-ness is a good way.

   That is about it for now...I just wanted to add this picture of my favorite vintage shoes, found in that same dumpster. Good times. Do you like these outfit posts?? Would love to now.

Here they are.

P.S. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.

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