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Please Charge it to my Father and Put All of it in My Closet!!

   At this point in time, my lust for collections of all seasons is piling up. It saddens me to think that when I grow up, the sporty aw 09 Chloe wedges will not be availible to me. Yes, those are the love of my life right now...I look at them every day. What I am to do? I guess just sit around on a Sunday, after doing homework and make this post that makes me want to cry. As you can see, I am not the person to come to for fashion traumas such as this one. Anyway, items are flying through my head saying "YOU WANT ME...BUT YOU"LL NEVER GET ME!! Even if I have saved enough money to get the wedges...I will have nothing left to get the things I really need like...Chanel resort 09-10 wedges?? So, the bottom line is: I am sharing just a few wants/needs that I would like to have in my possesion. Oh, and the title of this post is what I would like to say to a Barney's store clerk, but don't have the gut to say...if that makes sense. Enjoy the pictures. I would love to here about any of your items that you NEED (want=need in the fashion world, just to get things straight) in your closet.

Chanel resort  shirt and leggings

Anything from the Missoni aw 2009 collection

Getting rid of some Lanvin ss 2010?...I'll be over VERY soon!

John Galliano SS 2010 shoes
  Old Hollywood jewels, unearthed 80 years later.

I should stop here or else this post would be endless. Have a great rest of your Sunday. And if it's possible, have a great week at work or school or where ever you may be during that time.
   -Madame Couture (Emma)

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