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RoDaRtE FoR TaRgEt

    The day finally came, the one I day dreamed about in English class. The one thought that kept me up with excitement for months. So, what did I do yesterday? Ahh, Dec. 20th, you make me smile. I persuaded my mom to take me. When I arrived I could see the black slip dress peeking at me, and I could not keep a smile off my face. As I picked up items, and calculated the prices in my head (I was willing to spend all the money I had made from babysitting in the last 2 months), I was in a daze. After I was done shopping my mom said "Don't you want to take a spin through the shoe section?" I was in such a wonderful daze, that I walked through the isles, not even looking at the shoes.
    So, the bottom line is that that day gave me the best feeling inside, that I have ever had before. Thank you, Mulleavy sisters for giving us this wonderful oppurtunity.

Me catwalking in the hallway...that's what happens when you watch fashion shows in your spare time.

Bolero jacket: Rodarte for Target
Shirt: A purchase in London
Skirt: Rodarte for Target
Socks: From the $1 store
Shoes: thrifted

Rodarte for Target lace slip-dress

The dress in action

Back view

That is about it, but I will be trying on all of those pieces later today, I'm sure. Photo credits to my little brother, Will. He insisted that I put a picture of him on here, "for all the people to see."  Silly boy, he thinks the whole world is viewing this blog...only in my dreams. :)

Will (above).

I encourage all of you to get a piece of the Rodarte for Target collection. You will be buying a piece of history! We are SO lucky to live for this day! There is something for everyone. Enjoy! Have a great day!
   XO Madame Couture (Emma)

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  1. LOVE "THE DRESS" look fabulous in it too!! Very good job Will....Emma will have to hire you when she is famous!!!! Love You Guys!!!!