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S-H-O-E-S !!!

So, congratulations on another week down! Yippee! I have plenty of homework, but Jak and Jill blog is way cooler. Anyway, here are a few photographs of some amazing shoes that were on Jak and Jill. Enjoy! All of these shoes really, truly add so much to an outfit, and I would not mind trying them on. My favorite are...well, you'll see.

Miu Miu pumps

Some AMAZING Akiko Ogawa boots. Buckles, metal, leather!

Chanel grater heels, my favorites. Cheese would taste so much better if you used this heel to grate it.

Nicholas, kind of amazing.

Balenciaga wedge, no?

Margiela...ahh, that distinctive little heel. What's not to love?

Shockingly elegant Christian Louboutin for Rodarte heels. Looks like something Daphne Guinness would wear.

So...that is about it for now. I will have so more posts on some of my favorite dressers, or style inspirations. It is 3:09 pm and I had a half day and I have not touched that backpack. I should be going...I have not looked at yet today. Yikes, the backpack will remain untouched till...shall I dare?...Sunday night?


  1. aren't shoes, boots just grand!!! Love them all. I especially love the wedgie boot. I picked up a pair of Guess wedgie snow boots...lovem them and they are comfy too, even thought the wedge heel is about 4 in. high. Style is more important than comfort. Wouldn't you agree Madame Couture???

  2. Wonderful! I love them all--I hear those Louboutins calling to me like a siren!

    I have a great "sensible" pair of Michael Kors patent leather and gold sandals with a 4" heel, which I wore to two Christmas parties on the same evening... and let's just say, as a mother of four, I think I'm out of practice with these lovely instruments of torture (which I still adore)! ;)

  3. do you know where you can buy the chanel grater heel shoes?
    and how much they cost?

  4. Hi!
    I am sorry to say that I do not know wear you can buy them. They could be shoes from a collection a couple of years ago... meaning that that Chanel would not sell them anymore. Anyhow, I would try asking a Chanel representative in the product dept. I would imagine they would be anywhere from $700-2000. So, when asking them a question, leave the subject on fashion. Hope this helps, and thank you for reading Madame Couture!