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Not Another One...

As I thought that 100 posts was a good number to stop on for this I go again. I am using a computer in a hotel lobby in Santa Fe, NM. I just got back from a day of skiing. there anything fashion-related that I can talk about? Ahh...yes, of course.
   So, yesterday I got excited to go to this consignment shop packed with vintage clothing. When we entered, it was wonderful. Then I looked at the price tags....ugh...what a bummer. Vintage YSL boots, and Dior scarves were much more than they should have been even though they are vintage treasures.  So, not that amusing. My next post will be in the New Year and by then I will have lots about? Hmm, highly unlikely. Anyway, something that made me very happy was the fact that I have the lace slip dress from the Rodarte for Target...which is now sold out.
  Next, I have to do a biography book report...for my 8th grade English teacher. Should I report on Coco Chanel? Rei Kawakubo? Irving Penn? Carine Roitfeld? So many options! Goodness!
  Also, since I have not, not had a pictureless post since my early days...I'd prefer to add one. It may be random, but my is it wonderful.

Proenza Schouler ss 2010

Have a WONDERFUL New Year, and start the year off with a wonderful selection of clothes.

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