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What A Mistake -- The Celebrity fashion line.

   Could anything be worse? Celebrity fashion lines are nothing but tacky. I feel that they take away hundreds of jobs from upcoming designers, and they make the fashion idustry look very desperate. Take for example, Lindsay Lohan as artistic director at Ungaro. Really? Sequined hear blazers? It looks like a cheap collection that one of those girly-girl stores would sell. What a waste of a collection. How many below-the-bottom bandage dresses can you possibly show? There are only so many collaborations with celebs that one can handle. Thank God that Kanye West's shoe line for Vuitton was canceled. Can you imagine? And Vuitton is already crossing into the "tacky zone" with all those black and gold monogram bags. Sometimes, it starts to look like Baby Phat. So what to do about this? I guess just don't buy the clothes.
    I feel that alot of celebrities just make lines, or collaborate just so then can have their name of something. There is a barrior that blocks them from the passion, the love, the effort. A very talented, yet unkwon designer could be fighting for a job...but then a celebrity's assistent could make one phone call, and voila they have the line created. So, my point is, is that leave the fashion to the people who truly deserve it. The people who devoted their lives, let down their parents (i.e. not becoming a doctor or lawyer) to become something they want most.
   I guess I killed two birds with one stone in this post. I reviewed Ungaro and talked about celebrity lines. Have a great rest of your day, and I would love to hear your opinions on this matter.

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