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Autumn Moments

   I was thinking writing some reviews of the spring collections, but to be quite honest, it did not feel right. The leaves are falling, the weather is cooling down, the aroma of turkey is soon to be cherished. I'm in such a fall mode, as it is my favorite season. The world is so beautiful at this time, why not just savor it? Spring can wait. 
     Today I went to Urban Outfitters and I loved seeing all of the big sweaters, funny animal-shaped hats, tights and boots. I purchased a nice dress (on sale) to wear with tights and boots. And, I also went to Border's books and purchased Lykke Li's (Swedish singer) album, Youth Novels. If you are a fan, too, I'm  sure you love that unique, vulnerable voice of hers that oddly is strong and beautiful in a most astonishing way. Despite the lightness of the tracks, it feels good for fall, the last glimpse of life before the winter.
    I wanted to share a few pictures of the fall collections that I loved, just to celebrate.
1-3: Marc Jacobs

 4-5: Proenza Schouler
 6-7: Balciaga

8: Rodarte

9: Celine
Pictures via various sites, I claim none of them to be by own.

Lykke Li - Time Flies

Happy Fall: throw on a sweater and enjoy the weather! -- The cheesy rhyme was not intended, sorry for that...

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