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Elin Kling (Part Two)

    I posted about Elin Kling's onesie a while back, and now about one of her outfits that has really struck me. Now, I would not really call this "my style" but I would certainly like to make it a part of my wardrobe. I think in order to be stylish (like Elin!) consists being able to make your look appealing to people of all different tastes. I think that with the the Scandinavian fashion weeks a few months ago, the bloggers from that region have really taken off and are influential to that cool, modern look. I love the padding/ patch-like detailing on the jeans paired with a simple white shirt and amazing Alexander Wang loafers (take a look at those cutout heels!). I've just been feeling really inspired by Scandinavian bloggers - and Scandinavia in general (i.e. chunky nordic sweaters, and the cultural aspects)- so expect more about this topic in the future.
    Speaking of Scandinavian sweaters, my mom gave me a few of hers from the days she spent in Norway back in high school and college. I wear them all the time now (although it's been hot, lately) with dresses, cargo pants, jeans. They are actually quite versatile despite their mixing of prints and colors. Pictures to come soon...hopefully.

Picture via Elin Kling's blog  (thanks to google translator, we can all enjoy the blogging talents from around the world!)

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