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Lazy Days

   It just so happened that I've been in moping around sick for the last few days of the Thanksgiving vacation. I guess, at least, I can be thankful I'll be getting over it before school starts. Even though it's no fun to be sick, it gives me no choice but to quit the work and activeness for a little downtime. I've been able to start the last of the Millenium Triology, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. A little less than half way through at this point...I'm so sad that this is the last one, I can't imagine not moving on to a next book, hmmph!
      Lisbeth Salander is the girl hero that girls have never gotten. Sure, she's not your typical superman, in fact, she's very different from that. But, that is what makes her special. She is the sort of person that people would look down on in real life: a moody, sloppy goth. Yet there is something so exciting about her fight against the society that has made her life such a miserable thing. There is just no other way to phrase it - she can kick some serious ass.
    As I've been flipping through magazines and blogs and tumblrs, I've been finding so much inspiration for outfits and my life, in general. I just want to have a clean slate and chage it up a bit. I want to change my room. I'm the kind of person who would love a lofty apartment in New York with concrete floors that have paint splatters. All the furniture would be modern and white, with random old books and cameras just lying (neatly) around. Also, lots of raw, black and white photographs on the walls. Sounds day.

  For now, feel inspired.
pictures via random places, I claim none of them to be my own.

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