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The Acne Gun - very raw and cool.
  Oh boy! What a week, even though it's only four days - two more to go! Hope all of you are doing well, despite busy schedules. I got home from school less than and hour ago and I made a quick trip to Acne Sweden's website for a little look around. I go straight to the shoe section because they have the best shoes - -hands down. There a few old favorites, but also the newer "Gun" and "Cypress."
I love the Cypress because of its simplicity and shape, it's just plain, old heaven to look at. As for the Gun, it has more of a boyish vibe, which is always good I would love to wear it with a lace dress. Then of course, there's the Hyrdo and Dystopia. Blogger Elin Kling has the Dystopia in gold, which is also really pretty. Something about the mettalic blue, though, is so unique and eye-catching.
   It's off to study for tests, do homework, study for more tests, and do more homework! Life is fun, no? Yes, it is - just not this week. Work! Work! Work!

Acne Hydro - ♥

Acne Dystopia

And the Cypress: SOOOO PRETTYYY. I fall in love everyday.

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