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Givenchy Spring-Summer 2011

look one

look two

look three

look four
look five
     This collection is perhaps one of my favorites of the season. The dark vibes of Day of the Dead mixed with impeccable, sharp pieces is what I loved most. Ricardo Tisci knows how to design clothes that are beautiful but never boring. He does not go for a little floral dress but layers of crisp pieces that resemble the piecing-together of a cracked skull (see look four above).
    My favorite look was a number three because of the use of all white - and that glorious jacket. It reminded me of a little girl's ghost, with the sheer fabric floating away from the rest of the all-white ensemble. That long, structured jacket is like her armor, as if she had been through a lot but still did not make it, the coat staying by her side as her last comfort. I loved the way Tisci draped zippers and layered sheer over a pair of tight, black pants. The use of cheetah print integrated into the mix was also exotic and alluring without being tacky or stealing the stage from the other components.
      Overall, a brilliant collection in its simplicity of a dark yet festive celebration and all the skulls to go along with it.
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