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    I think that New Years resolutions are kind of silly, and they rarely work out. But, I might just try to get a list going in case it does motivate/change me in any sense. Most of them are fashion-oriented, but some aren't

1) Wear more black, and feel okay doing so: Black is such an easy color to wear because it goes with everything, especially itself. For a while I was trying not to wear to much because too much black has always been connected with a "dark side" or goth or something. I don't own too much of it, but I really think it is sophisticated - even light - as long as it is worn the right way, with the right hairstyle and so on.

2) Find the perfect cheetah-print, cropped jacket: I really want to find one of these because there is something so costume-y about it, yet it can also be very elegant, too. I have yet to find the perfect vintage faux-fur coat, but in 2011 I'll be on the lookout more than ever!

3) Go for walks more: Not in an excericise sense, necessarily, but more in a sense to clear the mind and get some fresh air. I'm so busy with school during the week, that on the weekends I'm so tired that all I can do it reblog on Tumblr or read or listen to music. So....I MUST force myself to open the front door and see where my feet take me...

4) Get to Europe: I honestly don't care how it's done, but I will get there this year. I really have to save up the money I get from babysitting - that's hard when Urban Outfitters, thrift stores, and vintage stores exist! Grr...restraint, Emma. But, if I save up, I have to think of all those awesome flea markets in Copenhagen (I've heard they are quite good, at least) that I can poke around at. I will get there, hopefullly....just wish I could get a job. Why is 14 too young for most places? Grrrr- again!

5) Save Money: As I said in the earlier resolution, this can be kinda hard. It's not like I spend a ton, but every few months I seem to find something I have to have. Clothes are more valuable than those little, paper bills, anyway. But, saving will pay off in the long run, or so I've been told.

6) Learn enough of a language to get by for a few days: Since I want to go to Scandinavia so badly, I'm thinking one of those languages would be good to know a few sentences in. It won't be hard to learn the basics, but all the rules of, say, do I learn those without spending a lot on a language program like Rosetta Stone. I feel the need to know why one word comes before the other, which form of 'the' to use, and so forth....this I'll have to get a move on.

7) Do more DIYs: I really like the thought of making my own jewelry or clothes or something, but I'm not that creative and I don't have too much time to spend on doing such crafts. I'll find a way to do so, though. I want to make rings in the near future - ones that would be good enough to give as small gifts.
  And a slightly outlandish one: Learn to play electronica/techno beats. I really want an techno board - or whatever they're called - for that!
I'm sure I can improve more in many ways, but these are a few for now. What are some of your resolutions? Do you think setting them actually does make a difference? This is a bit late, but change is any point in time!

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