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Quelle Journée

   What a long week it has been, even though part of it was half-days. I think that makes it feel longer because I always expect it to feel short. Oh well. It feels good to have a weekend to catch up on all the past skiing events of the last couple of weeks. I love watching cross country skiing; they are so fit and have so much capacity for a hard workout! Petter Northug of the Norwegian team in my favorite. Not only is he a good skiier, but also quite handsome - which always helps, haha!
  As I've been spending the night also catching up on my favorite blogs, I spent a good while on Columbine Smille's. She's one of the great lineup has. All of them are truly wonderful, really! Columbine has especially good style and I love all of the shapes and colors she puts together. Here a few of my more recent favorites she has worn:

She dresses so well, that's all there is to it.
Now for another thing to love:
These Margiela boots. Ergh! They are so, so, so beautfiul. And they are on sale. But not my price range, still. I need a job. Fast. So many simple sentences - the brain can't function which such beautfiul shoes not by my side.

I guess that's it for now. Happy Friday/weekend to all!

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