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I Don't Mind Whatever Happens

I guess it's no use trying to be in the winter mode - it's way too short here. I figured since it's warming up again that I'd post some of my favorite spring ad campaigns, so far. The Céline one has to be my favorite, mainly because the clothes are so good. But also because the are so cool. Philo takes her chic, clean, Parsian clothes and uses them in a more streets-of-Los Angeles look for the ads. Quite genius, really.
  I'm also loving Proenza's second ad campaign of all time: simple. Then there's the '20s/'30s vibe of the Prada one that is like being in a technicolor candyland dream.
 I can't really place what I like about the Jil Sander ad. It's just bold.
More to come later, so more spring reviews, etc. Movin' on to spring.

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