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Cheap Clothes and, well, Junk -- Rummaging through piles of junk, to find the perfect clothes

This morning I went to the local High School, Torrey Pines HS, for their 16th annual rummage sale. Of course there was alot of junk, but if you really look under and around the junk a little treasure will catch your eye. Today I found some sparkly platform heels, that looked like Sonia Rykiels, and just had to get them for 25 cents. I also found some great brown leather booties for $1! There were alot more people here this year, probably because of the recession.

I really encourage all of you to go rummaging!! With a slight clean, all of your cheap treasures will be as good as new!

I forgot to mention I got a great orange leather handbag with big zippers for just $2! Yea! I love cheap clothes!

-Emma (Madame Couture)

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