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Looking at Fashion Through a Different Nation's Eyes

I know how I look at different nations and their fashions, but I have never really thought about what other nations look at us and our fashions (America = me/us). One shop in SoHo is showing America what they think is true American fashion. The shop is named Amalga, and it is a Japanese brand that designs various fur pieces, along with their interpretation of Harley Davidson motor jacket with little skull buttons. These designs are perfect for SoHo, which has a little bit more casual stlye than the upper east side, for example. Alot of Japanese designs these days are inspired by goth, but wait, don't let that turn you off because these pieces are not fully goth. Anyhow, the Japanese interpret our fashion as biker/punk, would you consider that your style? I guess the reasoning is, in tough times you need tough clothes. Other stores that have the same fashions are A Glama, Am A Gal, and A La Mag.


  1. I wish that top photo were my closet. That's awesome. :) LOVE it.

  2. i love this stuff! I wish I lived in new york :(