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Girls Just Wanna Have Louis Vuitton

Well, what do you know, Louis Vuitton is also going 80s. That is the real big thing these days. Marc Jacobs, the designer of the Louis Vuitton House said, "Girls just want to have fun". That is exactly what girls want to do, no? First came a a black and pink mini bubble dress, than a satin long sleeve black dress that ended at the end of the thigh. The 80s inspiration in this piece? The HUGE ruffles, that lined that front of the dress. The last piece in the collection was a white singed skirt-suit, belted at the waist. The top was see through-I guess that is 80s. The detail in all of these pieces is so...couture. When I looked at the pieces I imagine two young college girls out with heavy makeup, and blasting songs by the young and new Madonna. My favorite outfit was a top and skirt. The top was beige with sinching along the neckline and on the flowy sleeves. The skirt was pink/peach color that was cut and ruffled on the right side, making it look as if the skirt stretched beyond and entered into a wave of luscious wave of fabric. Sorry, I got carried away in the description...AGAIN. Another 80s trend I saw in the collection was the big shoulder pads. Do those really need to come back? Thigh-high boots were also seen in the collection. Those are not necessarily an 80s thing, but the boots have been seen in many fall 2009 collections. This collection is so fun, so 80s, and so girly and so Louis Vuitton!

By Madame Couture (Emma)


  1. I love the bubble skirt, but ugh--I have to agree with you on the shoulder pads! No more football players, please! What movie was that? Working Girl? No thank you! :)

  2. Wow! Is it just me, or is EVERY designing company going 80's? Of course, that it the style though! I really like your post! Great information.