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The World's First Lady Fashion Face-Off ---- Mrs.Obama Vs. Mrs.Sarkozy

Over the past few days, many eyes have been on the G20 meetings and Mr.Obama. The fashion worlds' eyes were on Mrs.Obama and first lady of France, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Both are very fashionable and have made some fashion mistakes. Michelle Obama can sometimes wear too many American made business suit looking designs, and Mrs.Sarkozy sometimes is not able to get out of the grey, navy, black, and purple color scheme. So, who won on the day of their introducement? Well, I thought Mrs.Sarkozy won the first match in a grey wool Dior outfit. Mrs.Obama wore a magenta Thakoon outfit. Although, on the other hand, Mrs.Obama won in a Azzedine Alaia (Paris) cocktail dress made of black fabric. Mrs.Sarkozy wore a stunning black satin Dior cocktail dress to the same event.Talk about the little black dress! Both women are very fashionable.

Leave your comments and thoughts about who you think won the fashion face-down.

BY: Madame Couture (Emma)

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  1. Wow! How exciting. Great Information. Thanks!