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DESIGNER OF THE WEEK -- Liz Claiborne born March 31 1929

Liz Claiborne is our designer of the week. Ms.Claiborne had a very succesful career. Last week the new Liz Claiborne collection designed by Izzac Mizrahi premiered at Macy's in NYC. The collection is fun, chic, and elegant. From the bright yellow shoes to the checkered day dress the true spirit of Liz Claiborne lives on.
Her career started back in the 50s when she designed sportswear and got more advanced as time went by. In 1976 Liz Claiborne INC was off and running. Shortly after the founding of her own company she was satifying mnay young and old fashion buyers with her sensible yet fashinable clothes. Liz Claiborne passed away in 2007 from complications with cancer.
She is truly a fashion icon. Ms.Claiborne, we honor you for the week.

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  1. Hi! Would you mind if I did a 'sketch of the week on my website?