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A Safari to Morroco...Ralph Lauren Style

It is a warm night in the 1930s, Casablanca is bustling with foot traffic of the American and English society as they make the rounds through the busy marketplace and nightclubs. This whole picture flows in and out of my mind as I watch the spring 2009 collection of one of my favorite designers, Ralph Lauren. This collection is so flowy and breezy, perfect for those hot Morrrocan nights. To soft Middle Eastern music, an elegant model steps out with a safari shirt on and some shiny gold cropped gypsy pants, she looks as if she has just gotton of her old motorcycle to have a meal and an ice cold drink before she heads back on her journey for love, adventure, or her own very secret reason.

Many of the pieces were very sophisticated silk evening dresses and day dresses that looked like the wardrobe of a pretty young woman of the 1930s. Even though much of the collection was white, it did not feel or look drained out or too serious. My favorite look (outfit) was the 23rd one. This look was made up of a brimmed white hat with a bow, a short trench coat like jacket, and some cropped white gypsy pants. The effect of this look was very powerful, making me feel like I was in a dream. The whole collection embodies the adventures and strong side of the American woman, Mr.Lauren has always been able to do this but this is one of the best example of it so far.

This collection is so wonderful nad powerful. I love it, and I hope you do too! Ralph Lauren has done it again!!

BY: Emma (Madame Couture)


  1. Wonderful clothing. I love the safari, silky look of the last picture! Very nice!

  2. well i have to say, no one on my south african safari looked like this!! we were trying to blend in with the scenery and not scare the animals. also white would not have been the color of choice in that dusty environment. that said, i do love the look. it is extremely comfortable looking. do you think i should wear this teaching my seventh graders? anyway, i agree with phoebe that the last photo was great. i can feel that silkiness as i write.

    love diane :) xoox..