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Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2009 -- A new Canvas (on the dress)

Soft classical music, Andy Warhol-like photos on the wall, and artistic outfits floating down the runway. Sounds relaxing, no? That was the atmosphere at Miu Miu spring/summer 2009. Miu Miu a secondary line for the designer Miuccia Prada (Prada being her main line).

The collection had many earthy and simple toned fabrics (colors like brown, deep red, sand, and black). There also seemed to be many aprons on the skirts and dresses the hung of onto the side or in front. There was a contrast in materails used on the pieces in the collection, from soft silky fabrics, to rougher and tougher burlap fabrics. DFue to the fact all of the tones of the clothes were very mellow, all of the clothes seemed perfect for the time we are going through right now, with the economy. All of the pieces looked like good investments, that could be wearable for a very long time. One of my favorite outfits was was a beige burlap top with a black cotton skirt. The shirt was very interesting because, on the chest area of the shirt there were little slits in the fabric where you could see a little piece of soft and creamy red silk peeping out of its slit. It almost gave a sense that the shirt was living because the slits opened and closed as the model was doing the catwalk. The skirt was sinched at the tummy and again at the bottom of the hip bones, so the rest of the skirt had a slimming yet very flowy effect. Let us talk about the aprons, they added and interesting element to the whole outfut. Some of them almost looked like another layer to the dress, where some of them looked like an apron the was put on loosely and fell to the side. One apron the stood out to be was a graphic one. It was over an almost mosaic-like silk fabric dress. The apron was a peachy pink color, that had printed greek faces on the front. Putting two prints together seems a little daring but, it seemed to work out.

This collection was overall all very nice and well put together although, some of the prints were a little too busy. Mrs.Prada has got to be one of the most talented designers out there. She has such a contrast between her Prada line and her Miu Miu line, it is amazing how many ideas can come out of one head. Until next time, Happy Couture!

By Madame Couture (Emma)

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