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Amelia Earhart Flies Again at Hermes

So, what is Hermes famous for? Well we have the Kelly bag (named that after Grace Kelly toted her Hermes bag everywhere she went), scarves, hats, but most of all anything leather. Anyway, at the latest Hermes show about a month ago, everything was a 1920s/1930s aviator theme. Jumpsuits of leather, the little aviator hats and the goggles. This was a very smart design to do because, it was different from the other collections which were inspired by the 1940s and the 1980s.
Also the very strong and bold pieces the women were wearing really gave a message that woman are strong, independant, and most importnat fashionable. The collection was simply Hermes. Although the collection was a blast from the past, all of the pieces on their own are very modern and contemporary. This collection was a true winner. The aviator style is truly timeless. Up, Up and Away!

BY: Madame Couture (Emma)


  1. Wow! The clothing is just beautiful! I love the second and third picture especially! Nice job

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