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Finding Treasures in a Pile Of Junk - A.McQueen at Paris Fashion Week

No, I am not talking about a junk yard, I am am talking about Alexander McQueen's show! The runway had a pile of old car and machine parts, in a pile on the runway to make a junk yard theme. Out would come dolls with big lips in vibrant color splashes of red, black, and white. The collection had mocked (you might say) the look of Dior's new look (mid 1950s) and other looks that have gone down in history. A fabric that was made of red with black birds on it were sewn into puffed and draped dresses, and other outfits. The hats were very avant-garde, coming in ubrellas, and purse shapes. The deep colors in this collection made a statement like "I am here, you can watch me, or you can leave" (a made-up quote the collection might say if it could speak). Overall the collection was very innovating and head-on. The collection looked proud and was not here to mess around.

BY: Madame Couture (Emma)


  1. Amazing collection--very in-your-face, as you said. I love it. (I really enjoy visiting your blog.) Thanks for this post.
    I just adore the red bubble geisha style dress at the top. It's simply divine.

  2. Uh, the angry red slash mouths frowning I could so do without. :(

  3. Emma, love this blog...was waiting for your latest one!! I look so forward to it!! I can't believe this 80's stuff is back. I wore this kind of stuff way back when!! I even had the big hair!!
    Love You!!
    Aunt Jill