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Smiles and Cute Clothes Sonia Rykiel -A Paris Fashion Week Update

Finally! After the numerous collections where the models look like they are on the verge of attacking. At Sonia Rykeil, the models were smiling! Not only were the models smiling, they were wearing cute clothes. Cropped business pants, and draped jersey coats were among the pieces in the collection. The collection was a mix of 80's, a dress a former singer would wear at an anniversery gala, and chich bohemian dresses.
So cute were the berets, wide-brimmed hats, and the pump heels. One of my favorite looks was an orange jersey coat with beige suede boots. It looked so chic and confident (I never knew until now, that clothes could be confident). Another cute outfit was a beret, mini sequined dress and black suede pumps. Oh Paris, you bring out the best in every designer (even in the ones with angry looking models)!
By: Emma
For the slideshow of this collection CLICK:

on the slideshow my favorite outfits were: #17, and #26, both out of 33 images.

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