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1940's at Chloe - post Paris Fashion week update

So much has happened over the past week in Paris. One of those things was the 1940’s inspired collection of Chloe. The collection had brilliant tailored lines of beiges and greens, and many other colors. I immediately thought of a 1940’s movie star lounging poolside at their hillside mansion. The collection gave a very laid back, but formal approach. The pants were sensational, and all of the jackets too. \
This has got to be one of my favorite collections of the week (there are so many wonderful collections, I cannot decide). The well tailored thick wool shorts, and the wool ponchos are so common to do, yet so unique at the same time. Every outfit was an A+ for me. I smiled when I saw the photographs of the collection.
As Paris fashion week wrapped up, I look back and realize, there is no place like Paris and its fashion. Here is a question to leave you with: what was a better inspirational decade the 80’s or the 40’s? Come up with YOUR own answer, I think both inspirations were sensational.

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  1. Wow--look at those boots. I adore them. And the soft muted browns and beiges are lovely as well. These are quite wearable as well. I have been seeing a trend on rolled up pants lately.