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Soft Beige and Simple Cuts at Max Mara - a Milan fashion week update

In the midst of bold colors and eccentric collections, Max Mara has showed us to enjoy the simple things in life (simple designs). The collection was made almost entirely out of beige, spots of red floated down the runway too. The collection was based on the simple design of a trench coat, similar to Humphrey Bogart's in Casablanca. The trench coat branched out into blouses and skirts. The tailored lines were simple and pretty. Highlight pieces were the cardigans, business-like suits, and the red trench coats. The collection had a very laid back, elegant feel to it. The design of the runway was just as simple, not taking over the collection. Often, a loud (design-wise) background almost takes over the collection itself. The collection was overall very nice and sleek.

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Until next time, Happy Couture!

picutre one: Beige coat
picutre two: red coat from Max Mara
picture three: Humphrey Bogart's coat in Casablanca

1 comment:

  1. Very nice! I've always been a fan of the trench--always classy, especially in red. Thanks for the update!