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Tweeds of all Colors at Chanel -A Paris Fashion Week Update

One of the latest fashion shows in Paris was the Chanel show. It happened today in Paris. Chanel is known for the use of black and white,well there were blacks and whites. But wait, the used minty green,grey and pink! The collection consisted of truly Parisian designs (I cannot give a definition of the look, I jusy know it when I see it). Mr.Lagerfeld of Chanel, has skipped the berets and used the flat top short brimmed hat, commenly worn in the early 20th century. Along with silky tops and dresses, tweed appeared again. Mr.Lagerfeld portrays Ms.Chanel's tweed fashions so well, but so differently every time.
Some of the pieces are completley on wearable like skin-tight elastcic jumpsuits. Remember folks, fashion is an art form, so if its not wearable, don't be upset. My favorite pieces were the pants, they came in different colors and cuts. No matter the cut, they looked like a very chic Parisian woman would wear. Mr.Lagerfeld, you've hit the jackpot again! (The fashion jackpot that is).
By: Madame Couture (Emma)

to see pics of the collection CLICK:


  1. Simply amazing and lovely. Again, my favorite is the top photo with the graphic design jumpsuit. (Not wearable by me--or anyone with body flaws--but absolutely an artform.)