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Futuristic Creations - A Milan fashion week update

Some designers are exploring the future with their designs. fashion lines such as Jil Sander had a modern twist on simple cut pieces. Buyers may not want to invest in these modern creations now, sorry if you want to buy the latest fashions you may have to because these creations are in almost all fashion shows. Jil Sander had many sculptered dresses outlining the neck, back, and torso. The colors were also brilliant, whites, oranges, and navys. At first these designs looked somwhat unwearable, but fashion keeps moving on so we can keep last season's style but we also have to accept this seasons. Jil Sander may be the loner at Milan fashion weel, but there are plenty of other modern designs in other parts of the globe.

I will be updating you on the latest of Milan fashion week. If you have any questions please email me or leave a comment, THANKS!!

BY: Madame Couture (Emma)