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Because the Right Photograph is Everything

  There are so many wonderful photographers out there. I used to think a photo was just a photo and that there weren't different styles or looks. Some ads in magazines are just to perfect, the pictures are just too edited. That is the reason why I love Marc Jacobs ads. Juergen Teller's works have a sense a rawness,  an unedited polarid look. I like that. When every little detail is spruced up to look better, the real deal is just so refreshing. Also, his wonderful photos of the Missoni family in the spring 2010 collection are just amazing, too. They look like such a fun, colorful, big Italian family.

I love the misplaced heel...

Marc Jacobs S/S 2010

Marc Jacobs F/W 2009

Just some of the amazing Missoni family

Missoni S/S 2010

Missoni S/S/ 2010

And that is all for now.  I just love Mr. Teller's style. Have a great rest of your Sunday, or which ever day you may be viewing this post on. Share with me some of your favorite (fashion) photographers.


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  1. awesome awesome awesome! his photos just have a very unique feel, a bit quirky and so lovely!