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Chanel Fall/Winter 2010: A Response to Climate Change?

 When Karl Lagerfeld has a vision, no doubt it will be brought to life. That is demostrated with the fall 2010 show. The giant iceberg was hauled in from Sweden and took around six days and plenty of ice artists to complete. So, what message is this giving of? Is he trying to make us aware of climate change, and ways to stop it? He can't possibly be supporting the earth to heat up but it takes a lot of energy to haul and iceberg that needs maintence and a strict temperature setting. At least Lagerfeld used fake fur, but it seems like a mixed message. Anyhow, let's talk about the collection.
  For the most part, it was a strong collection. Chanel is my favorite house and I love to see how the Coco aesthetic is incorporated into each sesason. When the first looks came out, I thought they were a joke. I liked them, but I did not look at them seriously. And, as you know, Chanel is not one of those houses that are super playful, dramatic, and jokey about the fun of fashion. However, I thought that it was a twist that was quite daring for Chanel. I also congradulate the use of faux fur, it looks quite real and for Chanel to promote it will make it more popular.
   The theme, to me, was a dinner party at the Ice Hotel (in Sweden), after a long day of skiing. The results were classic tweed with fur accents, furry boots with ice cube heels, and amazing icecube bags. My favorite shoes were the ones of white and grey. The looked like a twist on a gentlemen's spats and women's galoshes of the 1920s. I think my favorite look was a tweed jumpsuit with fur cuffs on the legs and arms. It was very after-ski looking.
    This collection is a really strong one and super young. There are some collections that are only made for young, beautiful people and this is one of them. Elegant shapes, and directional style are what makes so many women want to be in Chanel. It is a classic brand that everyone can identify with.


  1. I love this collection it was so cool I think that Karl relays his dreams from the childhood in to fashion ....Nice blog bay the way !

    P.S how can I put videos on my blog I'm trying and I can't do it ????

  2. @LaArmoire:
    1) Thanks for the compliments
    2) Putting a video on a blog:
    Here is a great tutorial, this is where I learned how to do it...

    If you still have questions, I can go through it step by step. Email me at: