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There Has Got to be a Solution

   First off, I am sorry that I have not been blogging for a while. If I had the time I would. But, life involves school sometimes. For English, we have been writing odes and ballads and such, and guess what mine have been on? Yes, Miu Miu and Miuccia. It seemed like the least thing I could do to express by love for Mrs.Prada's genius. Let's get to the point: this is just a post of a few inspirations. People, places and Miu Miu...oh, and other clothes.
via Humor Chic

The icy pastels Balenciaga fall 2010

The second-skin looks at Givenchy.

And most recently...the 60's! Mostly Paris in the 60's. Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy.

  I like these icons not for the really for the music (although there are some great songs!) but really for the whole image. The great clothes, the coolness that they radiate. These women were/are just free spirits and make France just that much more amazing. I mean, I think only Jane Birkin can sing "Di Doo Dah" for three minutes and make it a hit.

Miu Miu:
   The spring 2010 collection is just my favorite collection ever. I really got so emotional when I first saw it. I think that testing innocence was an amazing theme, and could not have made a better collection. The puppy dog and naked lady prints all in one dress? This topic is so important - I think everyone can say that kids are just exposed to a lot more, these days; due to the internet. Mrs.Prada always knows how to question our society in the most wonderful ways.

I don't have any words left to describe this...

Here is the remixed prospective video that has made. I think that the David Bowie song.

 At this point I am mumbling on because I have a lack of words on everything. I am having writers' block. So, I hope that you check out my prior post on Comme des Garçons, where I actually wrote something that kind of made sense. More reviews coming soon!