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Miu Miu fall 2010: Closer Look

   Happy Friday, folks! I was just on (where you can find me if I'm not doing homework, swimming, etc) and I was looking at some past Prada and Miu Miu collections. Since I had already done some reviews I thought I would just share some pictures and share a few quick points.

* I really liked the pre-collection! Not more than the actual fall collection but I think that some of the looks should have been switched out for some in the pre-collection.

These pants should have been put in the collection instead of the skinny/bell bottom-y ones that were actually put in the collection.

What a great, 60's collection! Very much reminded me of the whole Prada's Little Sister thing. Many of the looks looked like little girl version of the great Prada classics.

These are just a few of my favorite looks:
Remind you of those little Twiggy dresses? Or perhaps ultra-sleek barbies? Great collection, but of coursse, nothing will top the spring collection -- genius.

* And some details:
60's/Marie Antoinette/bows from these shoes
Fuzzy, fun, and very Miu Miu. This is what Miu Miu is, and I love it!

This color is so amazing! The fabric looks very rounded, soft, yet structured. It looks as if it would disolve into a yummy, beautiful roll of cotton candy. The flowers and cartoon-y bow accent just made this Friday ten times better, no joke.

Sorry for the very poorly written post. I hope that I can compose something better, next time. The only words that really have to explain this collection, right now are: amazing, little girlyness.

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