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Sonia Rykiel Fall 2010

  I think that Sonia Rykiel is the only one that sends smiling models down the runway, these days. I love that. She reminds us that fashion is, in the end, about having fun. This season here collection was a bit more grown-up but no fun was spared.
   To get started, I think this is my favorite Sonia Rykiel collection. I really loved how professional some of the pieces look, and then you discover a most classic Rykiel-girlyness-element. For example, classic winter coats that were asymmetrically pinned up with a big, jeweled safety pin. This season, there is a sense of...almost...the Rykiel girl graduating college and starting off into the big world. She has clothes that will be great for interviews but she adds her own elements to suit her girly side. It all came together in a masterful way.
    The first look, worn by Mirte Maas, was an oversized grey suit. It had a great fit, but a fit to look bigger. I think my favorite look was a grey sweatshirt material day suit, with rhinestone birds and transparent details. It was so chic and it looked so easy to throw on and go. I think this gives a whole, new meaning to Fast Fashion. You do not have to go to an H &M or something; it means something that you feel wonderful in and it comfortable.
Of course, there were still plenty of knits is bright hues. But this time, mixed with lighter cottons and silks to create a patchwork effect. It was a lighter take, more refreshing. Looks twenty-nine and thirty were cobalt knits that looked so warm and soft, and new. Could we be entering a new phase of wearning knits? Perhaps they will become edgy, or something. I liked how young and raw they felt. They could look display laziness, but a laziness of being cool, relaxed look. It would be a compliment to have someone say you pulled of that big, bright piece of pinned fabric.


   Overall, I really have no complaints. I love Rykiel and this new version that has been shown. Still young and hip and chic. Sometimes, you just wanna erase of that "dynamic-y, IT" stuff and enjoy a good old collection. Nothing out-of-this-world, just wonderful clothes and a darn good show.


  1. I love those over-sized pom-pom things and the big mannish blazers