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Spring Break Inspirations

  Well, today marks the first afternoon of Spring Break. It is a wonderful to catch up with family, go on trips and most of all... spend hours looking through the archives. Well, maybe that is not the most important thing but you know how it goes! Since the Break means a lot of time to get dressed, I have put together some pictures of outfits I would like to have or ones that I will take inspiration from.

1: Bright colors/ statement-making sequins
Leave it to Elbaz to make masterpiece works of chunky jewelry, and almost-too-much detailing.

2. Sporty elements
  I think we all know who's the winner, here! (The Wang!)
These next photos just represent the light eeriness of spring. It is a strange feeling that I hope to capture through clothes.

I hope that  all of you have a great break if you have not already had it. Be inspired by the blooming flowers and light, airy feel.  I would love to see/ hear about your outfit choices for spring! You can comment about your choices and email me some pictures, if you would like.

Runway photos via, editorials via Fashion Gone Rogue.

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  1. i've never been a fan of wang, but that collection is really growing on me
    the editorial in your header is INCREDIBLE
    alber is so good <3