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First off, Miu Miu!
Sorry I have not been posting for a little while, the week has just been so busy.   I just wanted to open a discussion about blogging - in general. So many people seem to be doing it these days, it is really a part of daily life. Since I started blogging, a year and a couple of months ago, I have really learned a lot and I really enjoy it. It lets me talk about the things that I love. I  really don't get to have a satisfying conversation about fashion with anyone - that is why I like blogging, it feels like a conversation among people that I do not even know. I like that. I never know what to expect.
   The influence of the internet on fashion has been huge lately. With bloggers in the front row, the live streaming and fashion houses getting into new medias (short films, etc). I think that the influence has been quite good, it lets the magic spread to those not lucky enough to be at the fashion shows. I have the internet to thank for so much of my love for fashion. Even though this new way of looking at fashion is great, some people in the business feel this revolution should not be happening. For example, many editors feel that the bloggers are just taking up their "territory", they feel they are inexperienced and have not climb the Fashion Ladder to get where they did. Perhaps, things are moving too quickly but thinking that bloggers will take over editors is stupid. You see, magazines and blogs are different ; they serve different purposes. Bloggers take on fashion in a different way. More of a personal way. While editors work as a team to produce a display of fashion that is unbiased and less personal. Yet, extremely personal for the reader. Why does there need to competition? People should be able to accept that times are changing.
    So, that's all for tongiht. Just thought I would share this topic with you, I will have other topics like this to share with you. I would also love to hear what you have to think about the tech revolution in fashion and blogging.
Picture via Fashion Gone Rogue. Elle US 2010 (May)

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  1. Yeah, I think the internet has such a strong impact on fashion, especially through blogging. With Tavi Gevinson, as an example, blogging can really get you somewhere. I mean, since she was discovered all the top agencies and designers are reading and looking for something more. Blogging has really improved my knowledge of fashion and my confidence by a mile. Thanks for a truely inspiring post.