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Miu Miu Again...This Won't Stop

You'd think if I thought about one thing all of the time, looked at something all of the time, or said something all of the time I would be bored of it. Nope! Rarely is there a moment that goes by when I'm not thinking about Miu Miu. Sure, I'll get through a test, or think about math...but wouldn't it be easier if the answer to everything was Miu Miu? As I've said before, there are some designer items that I just love but I would not dare to spend 500 dollars on them. Well, for the first time, I really have made a serious consideration. I need some help here, is what I am trying to say. Should I save up, get the shoes, and be broke? Or should I save up for something that I may never have as much love for, and risk my chance of getting a pair?
     Anyways, that's really my only dilemma, currently. School will be out on June 18th, and I am just dying to start high school. Warm weather has created a bit of a challenge - have to put away the Rodarte for Target raincoat, my colorful tights, and various other winter-y things. If you're still reading this, you're a good champ, and if not, well, I don't blame you. Sorry the quality (if there ever was quality on this blog!) my posts has been decreasing. The time just seems to be going to sports, and homework, and things. I promise that I will start to post more once the school starts to die down. Oh, and your advice on the Miu Miu dilemma, please!


  1. I know this is late but If I were I would get Miu Miu shoes that you love but if I can say one thing if you were to walk into school wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin's you would get more attention in Fashion because they are more wearable and known....AND iif you decide to get designer shoes be sure to post every ounce of Information in your blog...The designer collection and where you got it... I JUST J'ADOR FASHION AND EVERYTHING ABOUT it which is why I saved up for a pair of CHANEL earrings from the spring-summer pre- collection..Also if you like designer..Go to the woodbury common outlets in New York city they have a chanel outlet oscar de la renta and dior...they have much more but I mean those are just a few...if you have ?s
    PS i go to ur school and so I AM not some weirdo