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Spring Break Ends

    What can I say, this has been a wonderful spring break! Lots of Style.Com surfing, reading, writing, and some unique experiences.

FRIDAY. I really have not seen an opera, nor do I wish to see one soon...but the costumes used in these operas are just amazing. I went to an exhibit at a local art library to see the costumes of Aida by Verdi. The opera takes place in Egypt, so everything had gold accents and amazing details. The fashion designer, Zandra Rhodes, made the costumes. She was a big designer back in the 60's and 70's in London. She was a part of the whole Vivienne Westwood scene. I got to meet her and that was really special. She is quite the character with her bright pink hair and squiggly eyebrows. It was a really fun night and seeing all of the costumes was so amazing.

SATURDAY: Besides sitting in horrible LA traffic, the day was a blast. I have been wanting to go to MOCA for a long time. The art there is so amazing and so modern. I saw some famous pieces of art, too. My favorite piece was one by Jackson Pollock, which I will share a picture of, later. It felt so good to be out and about in a big city; and seeing all of the famous photographs and painting left me a little "star struck." I am going to share some pictures later...though they are not to great. I have to learn how to use that camera, first!

All in all, a wonderful weekend!
Thanks to everyone for you nice comments and Amelia of at Trend Tommy  for the nice little write-up about me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the mention, I'm really glad you liked it (: & I loved the MOCA - wish I stayed there to be honest. Another great post, please keep inspiring. -Amelia