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On Why Fashion Should Not Be Hated

  This may be a little late, it seems the venting about Tanya Gold's piece for the gaurdian is long gone. But, I have a little something to say, too. I would like to start off with something, this woman is way to over the top with why she hates fashion. She has gotten the wrong message from fashion. Let's dive in deaper.
     First off, I don't know why she feels fashion is about fitting in. I think that you can agree with me that it is about expressing yourself, being different and quirky. I have to give it to her, she does make some good points. Maybe it is kind of an exclusive business. But, are things really meant to be worn right off the runway? Why can't she take inspiration and incorporate it to fit her body type? That's what makes things interesting. If you were to set one hundred people up for a DIY project, and the inspiration was a Lanvin dress; you would get one hundred new dresses/inspirations. She talks a lot about how fashion has betrayed her and how it never gave her anything back. I ask, was she dressing for the other girls? So, perhaps, she was not called the odd child? Boy, I hope she did not. What a waste of fun.
     Weight is a huge problem in fashion. Frankly, I don't have an argument to the models coming down the runway. Yes, there's the painfully thin model that walks, but for the most part, they look pretty good to me. They do eat, maybe not as much as the "normal" woman, but they do eat. I don't get why people are so harsh on them, on the fashion industry. Why don't people lash out on Sumo wrestlers for being fat, and ugly, and eating a ton? Is their weight not also for their job? You know what, who really is making these comments about the thin models? Women. You'd think people would make a bigger fuss for the heavier people. Yet, they feel bad for them. So, in the end, it's just jealousy of not being young, pretty and have a great body. Gold talks about how being fat saved her from fashion. Sure, clothes do look good when you're thinner, but this goes back to the taking inspiration thing.
    There's really only one thing I can say to this article. I feel sorry that she got the wrong message of fashion, she is really missing out on a wonderful thing.


  1. good point, a lot of people hate fashion. They're really missing out. They just don't 'get' it :)

  2. I totally agree... fashion is all about being an individual. Hating fashion means ou have no appropriate lifestyle AT ALL.