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Proenza in Short

 PROENZA SCHOULER: I really have come to like Proenza. It seems so cool, urban, and just cool (again). Some fashion is made for all ages, but these clothes are just for twenty-somethings. Which I'm sure is fine with them - they have all the new, young people in their front row. Anyways, this season seemed to take a darker turn, which was so edgy. First off, I would describe it as downtown-prep school-goth-nerd. May not be the simplist of titles but that's the only way I can describe it. The first couple of looks did not please me as much, for they were just understate mini dresses. However, I did the love the first set of pants. They looked like her friends ( going back to the downtown-prep....) had come over to add their own Jackson Pollock-y touch to her pants. I loved the almost used, messiness that it gave off. Look number twelve consisted of a rather short, furry jacket over a high-waisted striped skirt. It was so cool, and New York. Plus, did you see the shoes? They were like hooves, almost. Giant, 70's hooves.  Well done to these wonderful designers! They deserve all of the attention they have been getting.

Now back to the English homework that has been waiting so kindly for me.

All pictures from, except for shoes. Those were found in a google image search.

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  1. I love how things were a little darker this season, like Donna Karen & Calvin Klein. I love you're blog, it's very true to fashion & you can really express your opinion. Thanks for another post.