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Chloe and Celine: Is Something Fishy Going On?

   So, lately as I have been my suspicions of a competition or something to that effect,  that has been going on between the houses, Chloe and Celine. I mean, McGibbon has been creating collections of menswear, minimalism, and simple cuts for many seasons now; yet, Phoebe Philo has been tagged as being the "IT" designer for simple, fresh, chic clothes. As I browsed through the look book of the Chloe resort collection, I realized just how dangerously similar the clothes were to some of Philo's. For example, the spring 2010 Celine clog was made the Chloe collection! Now, maybe I'm just in that teeage-girl-must-look-for-a-catfight mood. But, the evidence is all here:

Chloe: Resort 2011

Celine:Spring 2010
Notice that the shirt and shoes in the and shoes in the Chloe picture are almost identical to those in the Celine picture?
But, that may not be a horrible thing. It just goes to show the Phoebe Philo is such an influential designer. Her clothes, I might add, are really the ones that would express who I am. I mean, can anyone go wrong with simple, fresh, clothes? I have yet to find someone to oppose this statement

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