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Middle School, etc.


  So, school is wrapping up here, middle school, that is. For the most part, I really can't wait. First, I never really got to like my school - in fact, I can say that I truly disliked it. But, I will say that I have met some people that'll be in my life for a long time, and I have become closer with ones that already have been. It's a funny time, these early teen years. Everyone is changing, perhaps not feeling themselves. Boys voices are in a stange place, between boy and man. Many seem to prefer to keep the talking to a minimum, yet still act like they are four. As for the girls? Some have started to wear makeup, a little too much at times. It's really the first time where I've seen everyone try to fit in. No one wants to be the "weird one" or anything like that. I find that I am more confident about myself when I am different. I guess it feels refreshing to know that you are just you, and unlike anyone else. I take it as a compliment that I sound like I'm eighty - which I don't - but then again, I don't say 'like' after every word.
      I must say, I have my times where I just sound like a typical teen. How can that be avoided? The usual who's-going-out-with-who thing. Or discussing boys that I like with friends and the ones that we don't like. "His nose is too big" or "Eeks! He needs to take a shower, and pull up his pants." I guess I've enjoyed some of the aspects of middle school. I've found myself talking more about boys lately, I guess. And with some of the friends that I never would have thought would talk about that stuff, even with a good friend.
     Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh. Laugh about the normalness, and the middle schoolness, and the awkardness of it all. In one of my classes the other day, I heard some boys talking.
"Have you ever played Connect the Dots?" - Boy 1
 "That games for, like, babies!"-Boy 2
"Well you've got so many pimples on your face, you'd have the best connect the dots games!" -Boy 1
I know , I know, middle school-y, right? I almost could not keep my laughter in. Not because the actual conversation was funny, but just how, again, middle school-y it is.
     Perhaps one of the classes that I'll look back on and want to laugh is French. First off, I've never seen so many nerds in one room in my life. All of them hunched over books, or playing steal-the-books-from-your-friends. But their are some other girls where I meet at the back of the classroom during break to discuss the "French" worksheet we just did, that was half Spanish and half  false cognates. For example, a certain word at the start of the year (I won't even try to spell or say it) was 'however', then it went to 'maybe', then it was used as a little sentence-ender, so that the teacher's sentences would sound somehow fancy, or real. Another funny time was when the vice-principal walked in and aksed for an extra textbook - which had be misplaced- and my teacher opened a cabinet to find the book, and toothbrushes, a glass cup, plastic bags, stuffed animals, and various other items. They all fell down, her face turned bright red and the vice-principal had to clean up all of that stuff. That cabinet is probably the way I would describe the way we learned French, this year...if we learned any. A little bit of this, then "oh, class, heres a worksheet in which we will be [spending the next month] working on."
     I guess that's all I have to say right now about middle school. Looking forward to summer, most of all, and then high school. I'm sure the middle schoolness will carry on, but by then, hopefully, the boy's voices will have changed to then they can talk again, without cracks or whatever else that goes on.

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  1. Well done for surviving this far, I hope that the next years are better than the last.
    For now, forget it all, and have a good holiday!