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Summer Days


   Well, guess what? I'm going to New York in a day to visit family. I really cannot wait because that has got to be my favorite place on Earth - other than Paris - but then again, I have not been to every place on this planet to know if it's my absolute favorite. Whatever, I'll just work with the information I have and say it is my favorite place - besides Paris. Rambling alert! Also, what better place to spend the summer in then Long Island. With the beautiful homes, beaches and towns, the summer feels like such a peaceful, relaxing time. Now, of course I'll be going to the city. If I did not, I'd think I woul crazy. I mean, the Met, SoHo, everything! The vintage stores! Oh, goodness, I'm falling in love all over again.
     In other news, I'm getting bangs. As a young child, I was traumatized by bangs the were super-straight and ended half way around my head. So, naturally I had a little bit of hesitation before deciding to attempt to try them again. This time, I've got a gameplan, and it won't be my mother cutting them. When she cut them, she did it with the kitchen scissors in an odd attempt to accomplish nothing. I mean, half way around me head? Goodness, let's not revisit those years. The style I'm deciding on? Well, they go just past the brow, get longer on the sides, and voila. I wanted to unleash the inner rocker chick/ bed head/naturally cool urbanite in me. Let's see if the unleashing will unleash anything more than me pulling them back with bobby pins until they grow back.
        That's all the news for now, sorry I just mumbled on about myself in a few poorly written paragraphs. Not even an ounce of fashion in this post -well, vintage stores - nothing, really.

picture: Balenciaga Resort 2011, photo via

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