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Gettin' So Close

  So, it's the Sunday before the last week of school, and I'm in pajamas at 5:30pm, and blogging. I can't wait to end middle school, and be able to spend hours just getting dressed in the morning. Then hopping on my bike and taking pictures of flowers and such, and ending up at a friends house. Ahh, the freedom of it all. Oh, and I want to get a pair of overalls that I can rip and get dirty. I find the them to be so feminine, though. If I could get any pair, I would get the Ralph Lauren ones from spring. Oh, and going to the fair with friends, and the beach with friends, and friends - did I mention them?- well, I actually have some. My social life is picking up pace again, oh and did I mention that I may "hang out" with friends on a week day? Crazy, have not been able to do that since, hmm, fourth grade? Freedom! Let it ring! Oh, and I'm still on the hippie/eerie fairy camp vibe for my summer inspiration. I just wish there was a huge field that I could prance around in, with wreaths of flowers around my head, and a long dress. Summer! Freedom! Let it ring!

Picture one: Google Search of 1960's beach scene
Picture two: Lily in Morning Beauty

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  1. ahh..don't you love the feeling of summer?!
    great blog..such a great find..
    comment mine?
    cross my heart