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As the resort collections pour in, I'm seeing something in common with most of them: simplicity. I'm getting used to looking at the resort as a more important season. After all, I think that since it is the season that is stores the longes, the clothes are more versatile. For example, long pants and tunics were shown at Céline, alongside leather mini dresses. Resort is really a time for designers to work together with the rest of their design team, a time to really bring ideas together, and, in a sense, not really have to worry about lots of coverage - if it may be bad. These collections are sometimes a lot better than the spring and fall collections. Perhaps because they are smaller collections, there's more care put into each piece.

<- Céline ->
   Celine is my favorite collection, so far. Let's face it, Phoebe Philo is perfect. I don't care if we've seen the leather dress before, or steel-heeled shoes last resort season, or the structured Classic bag that she had shown in the spring collection. It's perfect, fresh, new, sophisticated, Parisien every time. The simplicity of her clothes is what makes them so appealing. Even some who likes tons of details likes her clothes. They are merely a canvas ( the most wonderful one, may I add) to paint onto with jewelry and the like. Well done this season, Mrs. Philo, I'm sure I'll be saying that many times is the future.
     Now to Proenza. Yes! That's all I can say. Yes for creating clothes that have hints of grungy skate culture, that you can wear to the office. There is something so rebel-school-girl about their clothes. The collection was inspired by a trip to India, which was more than present in the colors and patterns. With the tribal spirit in mind, Lazarro and McCollough created a collection that seemed so urban, and cool.

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