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Trip to the Sixties - Resort Trends

   So, how's your summer going? Are you enjoying not doing anything - or are you keeping busy? I myself, am not doing much of anything. Have some things planned for later this week...okay, let's just get to the fashion.
    Lately, in the fall shows - and now in the resort shows - I've been seeing a lot of 60's shapes and colors coming back. What with tailored mini dresses and kitten heeled shoes.

       For this collection, Chiuri and Piccioli created a collection that felt young yet sophisticated. The cut of the garments were of simple shapes but made out of intricate lace. I really loved the green trench coat (above) that was made of lace, accented with leather. The piece, being a trench, has a sense of practicality and strength, yet the lace is so delicate and ladylike.

      I really loved this collection. Usually, I'm not such a big fan of Vuitton, but, Marc Jacobs never fails to win over my heart. This look is especially '60s because of the simple dress, with a big coat and flats. The whole look just looks so young and hip, even though the style has been floating around for nearly fifty years. This look just feels so elegant-urban-cool-girl. She sports her mom's old coat and costume jewelry but makes it young with a dress that stops mid-thigh.

     This Marc Jacobs collection is by far my favorite take on the sixties, this resort season. Be it the hats or detailing, this collection just screams "I'm from an old  Vogue editorial!" I really loved the white outlining on the coats and skirts. It makes the look feel simple and chic. Well done, Marc, on another spectacular collection.
There are so many reasons why I love the sixties look. First off, it'll never go out of style. The simple lines and short hemlines are also something I love. Even though the dresses were short, they were certainly never short of elegance and good tailoring. It's nice to see something so wonderful re-done for the modern woman.

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